Wonderful Places in California

1. El Porto, California Source: Pedro Szekely 2. ‘The Sunset’ After Sunset Source: Mike Behnken 3. Shasta Corral Source:

The Most Beautiful Places in Arkansas

1. Swollen Arkansas River Source: Ed Schipul 2. White River Arkansas Source: Linda Tanner 3. Natural Dam Source:

7 Amazing Places to Visit in Arizona

1. Montezuma Mountains, Arizona Source: Kevin Dooley 2. Horseshoe Bend Source: Kuster & Wildhaber Photography 3. Glen Canyon Arizona

Best Places to Visit in Alaska

1. ALASKA MORNING FOG Source: bcanepa_photos 2. Denali National Park Source: Jennifer 3. Humpback Whales Feeding Source: Peat

Interesting Places to Visit in Alabama

1. Alabama National Guard Source: The National Guard 2. Alabama Landing Houseboat Source: finchlake2000 3. Bull

Top 10 Amazing Places to Visit in United States

1. Grand Canyon, United States of America Source: Moyan Brenn 2. Las Vegas Strip in the